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    Best-Run businesses make a world of difference

    We are fans of the change-makers, the ground-breakers,  the life-savers. We help them get real-time insights, overcome obstacles, and make great decisions– so their good ideas can start improving lives sooner. 


    With courage, perseverance, and breakthrough technology, these and many other SAP customers are tackling some of the world's biggest challenges. Learn about the technology solutions that fuel their innovation – and help them make a lasting difference.

    Transforming elephant and rhino conservation

    Poaching of elephants and rhinos is at an all-time high in South Africa. See how a forward-looking nonprofit partnered with SAP to tackle this complicated problem from all sides.

    Intelligently feeding the world

    Hundreds of millions of people are living in hunger. Now, a progressive agricultural equipment manufacturer has teamed with SAP to address the future of the world’s food supply.

    Saving every last drop

    Water scarcity is creating the worst-ever crisis conditions across much of India. A pioneering manufacturer joined forces with SAP to confront this potential national disaster.

    • Society
    • Economy
    • Environment
    • Society
    • Economy
    • Environment

    Helping societies thrive

    We are committed to helping improve lives across our global society – co-innovating with customers and partners in crucial areas such as healthcare, education, access to technology, and public safety. Whether teaching girls and boys around the world to code, bringing personalized medicine to patients, or supporting smart cities, we believe in tapping the power of technology for the greater good.


    Powering a better economy

    We take the term "global economy” seriously – because it means the livelihood and prosperity of all human beings in the world. We innovate with amazing social entrepreneurs and collaborate with forward-thinking teams at healthy, responsible companies. Our goal is to help strengthen industries, create jobs, and promote fair pay to reduce poverty, hunger, and exclusion.


    The business of survival

    And vice versa. Protecting the Planet is a big part of what we do – and why we do it. It’s the reason we actively support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, why we’ve pledged to plant 5 million trees, and the reason we create technology to help companies develop new, breakthrough ideas to address climate change and preserve endangered species.

    The power of technology to transform lives

    Paying it forward

    Supermodel, entrepreneur, and SAP brand partner?Karlie Kloss saw firsthand how technology was transforming the fashion industry, which inspired her to learn how to code.? Now, she shares her learning and experience through Kode with Klossy, a free two-week coding program for young women.

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    E-mail us with comments, questions or feedback.
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